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My first visit to Australia

 My Short visit to Australia
From of my boyhood I am very much interested to visit abroad ,travelling is my hobby, and also share knowledge on various people, &,share the knowledge of different countries  people its ,culture,education,its religious and its living of standards .,its political activities ,and many others . and also  gaining experiences ,know the people of various countries so I had  great opportunity to me in 2018 to visit Australia with my family &youngest son .,my son imtiaz and his wife has invite us to visit Australia ,Australia is a vast country   but only 24 million population, it is a ,awesome ,it is beautiful ,peaceful ,&multi cultural  country  multi national  people ,Australia is most livable country ,specially Melbourne city is liveable in the world ,it means it a clean, polluted free  ,no traffic jam  no dirty ,free from insects .,everything  is stunting ,look art, riotous street art ,it seems indeed veritable galleries ,good environment.  its ,social security is nice ,safe , for its multi national living ,Australia is a advances on internet technology ,first wifi has invented ,1958,david warren  of Australian expert 1st invented durable black box fight recorder ,which records fight data in cockpit  conversation,,as u know Australia  has many natural  resources ,it is vital role played for its economics development  ,like coal ,gold,minerals ,many others ,it has great mining company  Australia is famous for its tourist attraction ..Kangaroos is Aussies national pet,Aussies law and regulation are quite advance,,most civilized country .I love Aussies ,the people so friendly,nice,they  usually chat with u , Aussie people only judge u based on you character  ,not you wealth,or status job, qualification,there is no class system but life style is high ,its economy is very pretty strong  Australia has many offer of attraction for visitor,it is not possible here to describe ,it has main six colonies federated state liberal democratic political system that function as a federal parliamentary constitutional  monarchy comprising of six six states, several  territories , Aussies is a tourist places ,it has a many tourist spot ,million of people  come here for visitor ,it is a great income of this country ,Australia has spent million of dollars only tourist development and its beauty ,so u have like to lot of places to visit in Melbourne, Sydney,some tourist contact package tour,and helping one expert tourist guide  so now I am going to tell u all what I have seen, observed  attaining experiences on  within n short visit of Australia.I am visited    two big city Melbourne ,Sydney not others ..Melbourne weather is not believable, any time rain   during winter june to august Melbourne,s average temperature during day are 14-16 0c 57-59 f,but in now-December temperature hot . average dry weather all over the country I have visited  most attractive places during my  trip,1,parliament house, it is most oldest  and most architecturally distinguished public building  free guide tour
Federation square ,-here is the major cultural attraction of world class events,tourism,experiences and expceptional array of restaurants,bar,modern piazza,it is heart and soul of Melbourne and flinders street station .where main train ,tram station . I have also enjoyed ACMI,Australia centre for the  moving images its all galleries,1st didcovery of T.V,cinema,
Dock land ,-any day of discovery in Melbourne is best started from one of the greatest vantage point in the city

U also enjoyed yerra sight seeing here ,enjoyed river cruises
I have also visited Melbourne star observation wheel,
I have been enjoyed worlds finest gardens  Royal Botanic garden ,Victoria, it has traditions aboriginal heritage very much rexation places, romantic   scenic  gift shop here ,
And  james cook,s house with famous Fitzroy gardens.
Phillip island,
Only one hrs drive in Melbourne I have enjoyed its spectacular coastal environment with an abundances  ausses  wildlife and exciting experiences on  magic of little penguin crossing the beach at sun set,at the world famous penguin parae,
I have visited state library of Victoria ,Melbourne,,it is most popular heritage,has tourisum award for cultural ,est in 1854,
Visited Shrine of remembrance  unique monument historical and cultural significances
Great ocean Road ,
It is great adventurer  and exciting experiences to me that one world most sceric coastal drive  and show the 12 apostles and get close to native wildlife museum and heritage attraction really admirable stunning coastline on the great ocean walk.see koals, emus,kangaroo at tower hill explore surf town.
I did not miss to visit famous Melbourne cricket ground
Yarra vally,and enjoyed  here river cruises , drinking café,good foods,
Visited Melbourne city business district ,CBD,
Queen Victoria market, food focused ,there is dig seleetion of meat,fish,fruit,vegetable
St Kilda beach,and many others beach.
Bendigo –Bendigo  1.30 minutes drive from Melbourne,beautiful street all way drive ,smooth speed limited ,camera fitting  here we have visited gold mining project,how gold is exacted from field  ?really exciting  and most experiences after visit it ,its recovery ?  visited bendigo all attractive touist spot ,and shopping from gift shop,Taken lunch all of in KSP,DRINK

Sydeny,-sydeny is 1000km from Melbourne ,there is a beautiful scenery both side of road,my son drive car,with limited speed ,there camera fitting ,sometimes alert the speed ,the road is well maintained ,vast outback,its natural scenery rain froest ,charming all the way ,looking farming area ,lot lamb farm,on a way we have refreshed in drinking café,
In Sydney  we have no need to contact guide ,my son as visited Sydney in early ,so we visited opera house ,music night in the harbor bride,tour in iconic get unque experience it is also largest city ,most attraction places  to vistor,enjoyed stunning beaches, see the lifestyle also enjoyed ferry cruises in the opera house ,fantasen ferry tourism we r really impressed ,fantastic tour an get big experiences on
Wonderful visited sydeny madame tussands ,where we took photograph with many celebrated men and women ,disguised inventor,  
I need edit it ,it is not a final article ,so it may be some grammatical  wrong .,,Iftekhar .chowdhury.

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